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49th SNAG 2018

Team Aquarians spent their March holidays at the OCBC Aquatic Centre. We had 13 Juniors and 18 Seniors who participated at the Liberty Insurance 49th Singapore National Age Groups 2018.

Our Junior swimmers had 3 days of intense racing from 9-11 March 2018. They finished with 38 new Personal Bests (PBs) out of a possible 52. On top of that, we had 10 Top 10 finishes in their respective age groups.

The senior swimmers took over from the juniors and raced their hearts out over 5 days of competition from 14-18 March 2018. They faced a tougher challenge, having to compete in the heats in the mornings and finals in the evenings. Team Aquarians took the challenge in our stride and finished with 14 qualifications for the finals and 62 PBs out of 80.

This brought our total tally to 100 PBs out of 132. Well done Team Aquarians!

Our SNAG participants: Juniors

1. Anjali Dasari

2. Brandon Lee

3. Kaska Watkins

4. Zosia Watkins

5. Matthias Goh

6. Carys Loh

7. Audrey Mak

8. Lee Shi Jie

9. Elyza Mak

10. Alyssa Chua

11. Sarah Wibawa

12. Brandon Yap

13. Farrel Sng


1. Ari Azman

2. Trinity Goh

3. Eugenia Wu

4. Kam YnZen

5. Jerron Chua

6. Ardi Azman

7. Clement Thang

8. Sherman Yeo

9. Yusuf Hamdani

10. Zachary Yap

11. John Wee

12. Yeo Wei Xuan

13. Chen Yanze

14. Bryan Ng

15. Shannon Yap

16. Christabel Chee

17. Brian Tan

18. Azri Azman

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