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  • If my child is interested in joining, do you provide a free trial lesson?
    Yes, we do provide a free trial session for your child, you can contact us with the number at the bottom and we will help you secure a day for your child's 1-hour trial lesson.
  • Can we choose our instructor for our child?
    Sadly No, depending on the level that your child is learning, an instructor will be assigned according to his/her availability/schedule.
  • What is the story behind the motto?
    The motto "Each His Best" encapsulates the ethos of personal excellence and individual achievement. It suggests that the goal of the swim school is not just about winning races or beating others, but about each swimmer striving to reach their personal best. This motto promotes a culture of self-improvement, where success is measured by personal progress and the pursuit of one's highest potential. It acknowledges that every swimmer has a unique set of abilities and challenges, and it encourages each individual to work hard, stay dedicated, and overcome their personal hurdles. By focusing on their own development, swimmers learn the value of perseverance, discipline, and the rewards of pushing their limits. "Each His Best" thus reflects a holistic approach to training, emphasizing the importance of personal growth, both in and out of the pool.
  • What does my child need to bring to her trial lesson?
    They will need to bring their own pair of goggles and a small board/ big board.
  • What are the strokes my child will get to learn in her learn to swim class?
    They will learn all the 4 different strokes, freestyle, breaststroke, backstroke, and butterfly. But for butterfly, they will learn it at a later stage after they are relatively okay with the first 3 strokes.
  • What if my child is not able attending for her/his swimming lesson for that particular day?
    What if my child is not able attending for her/his swimming lesson for that particular day?
  • Is there any test that my child is required to take for learn to swim?
    Yes there is, there is the stage 1-3 SwimSafer and then once your child has completed it, he/she will move on to complete the remaining few, Bronze, silver, and gold.
  • What happens when there is bad weather and training is canceled when my child is already at the location?
    If there is a lighting alert during the lesson, swimmers will make their way back to the shelter and if there is time, they will be doing dry land exercises.
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