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OCBC February Time Trials 2018

This weekend saw 37 of our swimmers participate at the February National Time Trials 2018.

7 of them started the ball rolling in the Womens 800m Freestyle and Mens 1500m Freestyle on Friday. This got us off on a good start with 6 Personal Bests (PBs) and 3 qualifications for SNAG.

Day 2 saw the swimmers participate in 55 events, clocking 34 PBs and 30 qualifications for SNAG. And the swimmers finished strongly with 54 PBs and 43 qualifications for SNAG out of 73 entries.

Top 8 finishes from our swimmers:

Ardi Azman

1500m Freestyle (3rd)

200m IM (5th)

Azri Azman

100m Freestyle (8th)

200m IM (5th)

100m Butterfly (6th)

50m Breaststroke (8th)

200m Freestyle (5th)

100m Backstroke (2nd)

Farrel Sng

50m Breaststroke (7th)

Khadeeja Osmani

50m Breaststroke (7th)

200m IM (8th)

Elyza Mak

100m Butterfly (8th)

Audrey Mak

50m Breaststroke (4th)

100m Butterfly (7th)

100m Freestyle (4th)

400m IM (8th)

Our swimmers over the weekend:

Juniors: Anjali, Brandon Lee, Kaska, Zosia, Matthias, Carys, Shi Jie, Audrey, Brandon Yap, Farrel, Brayden, Elyza, Alyssa & Sarah

Seniors: Ari, Keagan, Trinity, Eugenia, Jerron, Ynzen, Sumana, Ardi, Clement, Xavier, Sherman, Yusuf, Zachary, Faith, John, Yanze, Bryan, Shannon, Christabel, Khadeeja, Azri, Claudia & Kiat Xuan

More photos:

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